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Surker Washable Electric Portable Hair Clipper High Precision Cordless Rechargeable Stubber Trimmer/Clipper red Hc-7068
  • Power Supply: AC 220-240V 50/60HZ 2W
  • Charging Time: About 8 hours
  • Working Time: 60 minutes (When full charged)
  • Power plug: EU plug
  • Product Size (L x W x H): Approx. 16x 4 cm
Surker Temperature Adjustable Hair Sticks Three Rods Curlers Hair Sticks Three Water Ripples Hair Curler Curling Wand
  • Ceramic Gro create "Do 3 jumbo-f sser? there are S waves in green, sch?
  • 30 Seconds warm-up fast with free instant results
  • cerámica-tecnología offers high heat and protect hair
  • Is the diameter of the W? rmeleiter is20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm or 28 millimeter.
  • 360-partner-rotación without power
9-in-1 Electric Multifunctional Curing Irons Hair Straightener & Curler Styling Tools Professional Hair Dryer Set 1000W
  • 9-in-1 Electric Multifunctional hair styler
  • 10 attachments.3-speed settings
  • Nozzle type:Air collecting&scattering
  • CE,3Ccertification,high quality
  • Power supply 220-240V 50Hz 1000W
Surker Hairdressing Scissors, Hair Scissors, for Bangs and Fringe Trimming , with Presentation Case
  • Professional quality Hairdressing Scissors.
  • Made of high quality material.
  • Friendly to the environment.
  • Sharp, effective and safe.
  • Aesthetic.
Surker Professional Rechargeable Electric Wireless Hair Clipper Cutter Hair Cutting Machine
  • 1. Professional chargeable hair clipper
  • 2. Rechargeable, can be used for 30 minutes after being fully charged
  • 3. Quiet but efficient,powerful engine,easy to use
  • 4. Equipped with 3 spacing combs, to fit different needs
  • 5.Global votage:110-240V,50-60Hz,3W
Surker Facial Care Face Slimming Chin Cheek Mask Lift V Face Line Belt Strap Face Slim Mask (M)
  • Soft and breathable material, will not make your face feel uncomfortable
  • Make-up and shape the face of the beautiful design, prevent fat accumulation cheek
  • Brand new and high quality a great gift for women
  • Can be used when sleeping, watching TV and doing housework, etc.
  • Provides compression in the face, chin, and is appropriate for a face lift, and liposuction
1 Pcs Surker Korean Version Headband Gold Thread Embroidery Velvet Bow Hair Bands Wash PCPA00080
  • 1 of the week: of the brand new Finest Workmanship and High Quality of fleece with circular design.
  • 3. to bike no compartment of your hair for design and lion's T-Shirt of vision; Design as a Woman with Hair and more in your cabin in outdoor cable ties, a nice and elegant.
  • 2. beautiful decoration for a and design of the way of raw material of comfortable.
  • 5.6 cm has to be the window wall paper with 54 cm head circumference size
  • 4. the perfect for a variety of occasions, from washing your skin or your our logo, Discreet hacen-up, of all great carry bag, ready to decorate with the classes, etc.
Surker 1 Pair Unisex SPA Gel Moisturizing Pink Soft And Smooth Socks Set (Pink) PCPA00063B by Surker
  • 1. Matrix gel is rich in vitamin E and mineral oils (jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc.).
  • 2.Designed to moisturize the skin and make your hands feet look fresh and nutritious.
  • 3.Helps soothe and soften your hands feet.
  • 4.The sustained release of TPR mineral oil can repair dry and rough hands feet.It is used together with body lotion or hand cream, creating a better effect.
  • 5.Specially designed, comfortable to wear. Each time of 20-30 minutes is recommended.
Surker 1 Pair Unisex Spa Gel Gloves Set (Pink) PCPA0 Moisturising Soft 0063 A
  • 1. Gel matrix is rich in Vitamin E and mineral oils (Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, etc).
  • 2. designed to moisten the the skin and make your hands feet fresh and nutritious.
  • 3. helps soothe and reduce the hands feet.
  • 4. the lasting hands with body lotion or hand cream and release of the TPR mineral oil may dry and rough feet.Used repair, guaranteeing an effect much better.
  • 5. specially designed, comfortable to wear.Each time 20 - 30 minutes Recommended.
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