Balance Snake Venom Face Mask 75ml

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Balance Snake Venom Face Mask 75ml (3 x PACK)
  • 3 x PACK 75ML
  • Balance Snake Venom Face Mask tones, purifies and refreshes all skin types.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains Syn-Ake Anti-Wrinkle peptide.
  • Paraben Free.
Balance Snake Venom Face Scrub 75ml
  • Balance Snake Venom Face Mask deeply cleanses, smoothens and brightens all skin types.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains Syn-Ake Anti-Wrinkle peptide.
  • Oil and Paraben Free.
  • 75ml Tube
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Balance Snake Venom Face Mask 75ml details:

As a woman fast approaching my 40th birthday, any product claiming to do great things for my skin was a product I had to try in the hope of seeing a modicum of turning back the clock. I originally purchased the scrub from (of all places) the 99p store and was very dubious about the title of the product and what it claimed to do but for 99p what did I have to lose so I gave it a go.

From the first try it left my skin baby smooth and pleasantly tingling (tingling down to the natural menthol and orange oils in the product). Over the next few days, I continued to use the product in the mornings and in the evenings until I decided to replaced using my usual beauty face cleanser with the scrub because each time I used it my skin was left feeling softer and softer. After one week, I noticed my face seemed to be a little bit more lifted, the blemishes I had been trying to get of had dramatically faded and my lines had began to disappear. Two weeks on, I can honestly say my lines have plumped out and my skin is like it was when I was in my early twenties; I'm glowing and I can't help stopping when I pass a mirror to have a look at myself.

This product works better than any expensive 'reverse the clock' product on the market I have ever tried. It's simply the best beauty product I have ever tried (and that's saying a lot) and friends are complimenting me on my skin. I honestly have to say I am now addicted to Balance Snake venom products. By the way I went back to the 99p store and of course the product had sold out and yes, I panic!!! What if it was an end of line product that wasn't being sold anymore so as soon as I got home I jumped on the internet and to my great relief it's still being sold online.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the price is incredibly cheap and I'm sure it will do for you what it's has done and is doing for my skin; you'll agree with me this product is the best beauty product secret around but for now let just keep it be our little secret.

Oh, by the way I brought the venom mask recently and it make a fantastic accompanying product to the scrub and I've got it on right now.
Really nice texture, goes on smoothly and you don't have to scrub at your face to get it off either.
I am really pleased with this face mask. It leaves my skin really refreshed and clean. Using it twice a week, no complains.
I noticed results the very next day! I was actually going to post a negative review about this product due to the condition of my skin the very next day. I have very oily spot prone skin so bought this product in the hope that it would clean right down into my pores thus preventing them from getting clogged up with dirt and causing me to break out in spots. I was also prone to having a very oily T zone but used to also break out in blemishes on my cheeks. I thought I'd give this product a go as it boasted having the same effects as a face scrub, I used this whilst relaxing in the tub as you do, then rinsed off and patted dry. Anyway, I woke up the next day and rubbed my face and felt lots of dry patches. The more I rubbed my face the more these dry flakes came off revealing fresh skin underneath. I also noticed that it had dried up all of my spots so that they just literally fell off with a little scratch. Because of this I decided to put Vaseline on my face like a mask, leave it for half an hour and then used rough kitchen roll to wipe the Vaseline off in a scrubbing motion. Then I used my ordinary facial wash, patted dry and put a very light day cream on top. I must say that the results were fantastic, it literally peeled all of the dead skin off of my face to reveal new skin. With regular use I also noticed that the lines in my forehead were much less prominent. I used to have 3 deep forehead lines that would always be visible even when my face was relaxed, after using this for just over three weeks I noticed that they had drastically reduced. I think that the mask really helped to renew my skin and improve cell turnover, that's the only way I can describe the effects of this face mask. I must say that such was completely unexpected which is why this product surprised me so much. As a result I am really happy with the effects of this product, this is only my own personal experience but this product really surprised me as I used to have to rely on messy face scrubs to help clear up my complexion. Just be aware that this product has a peeling and drying effect so have the face cream ready the next day. I hope this helps others :-)
Excellent, inexpensive. I love the feeling of my skin after i use this. Deffo a repurchase. Strong smell of orange which i love.
After only using this a couple times(once a week) There is definitely a change. Of course, I use this with the Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum 30ml and theBalance Active Formula Wrinkle Freeze Serum 30 ml. I have ben using these products for only a short time, but am most pleased with the results! I got these for a friend as well, and she is also seeing results:)
I would recommend these products to anyone who wants to see a great change in their appearance in a short time.
This is wonderful cream , after only 2 weeks of using I can see a difference ! My skin is softer and my lines round my eyes have definitely decreased . I have also bought other products from the snake venom range and they are just as good and defiantly work .
made a huge difference, I use morning and evenng and lines have improved dramatcally andface is liftedand more toned, held off botox
An effective face mask that leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. At a good price. I liked it, so bought some for my adult daughters, who also enjoyed using it. All 3 of us recommend it as a pleasant to use face mask!
Brilliant! So pleased with this face mask, i have sensitive skin yet it didnt sting! it is creamy with no perfumey smell and left my skin fresh smooth and clean , if in doubt just try it ! The price is great and it arrived prompt :))

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