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Balance Snake Venom Face Mask 75ml (3 x PACK)
  • 3 x PACK 75ML
  • Balance Snake Venom Face Mask tones, purifies and refreshes all skin types.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains Syn-Ake Anti-Wrinkle peptide.
  • Paraben Free.
More options available: 3x Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Face Mask tubes) 75ml (3x

3x Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Face Mask 75ml (3x tubes) details:

  • Triple pack
  • Contains SYN-AKE.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Tones and purifies skin.
Three x 75ml Tubes. Face Mask.
I bought three of these and it does work. Depending on the extent of the effect you get goes by how much you moisturise afterwards. It has a tingly feeling when it goes on and then it shrinks your skin to ten year younger, which is quite alarming to begin with, but don't worry it does go back to normal when you moisturise. When I just patted it dry, it did look very tight on my forehead, which is normally very wrinkled from too much expressions, and sunshine/sunbathing.
I would call this a skin shrinker....
For all us lovelies who have reached a certain age (40-ish *ahem)

This product is a real must! It does what all the expensive products do, but for a fraction of the price!!!!!
And... parabens free!!!

And it smells devine
This is great, nice to apply without being lumpy or too thin, dries quickly and definately gives a lovely finish to the complexion and does have a "tightening" effect. I have used various products in this range and they are all excellent, especially for the money.
I have bought the whole range of balance activ, and am really pleased with the results i get from these products- this face mask smells of oranges - my skin 'drank' the mask in!!
It left my face glowing and smooth- i love it.
COST: Good Price

BEST BITS: Used this for over a year now and do feel it works, great once a week and leaves a slight tingle which I think means its doing something. I don't look ten years younger but my skin does feel better and looks more flawless under foundation. Not over expensive for the results given. Nicely packaged with plenty info

BAD BITS: None at all

Balance Active Formula is the only skin products I use now! I started a few years ago, but then took time away from it until I saw it available on amazon. Now my bathroom is legit full of snake venom face masks, eye cream etc.. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
What a bargain! I was expecting 3 small bottles but they are full size! After rinsing my face I can honestly say i have never used a product that left it feel so fresh and smooth! I am going to buy more before they are all gone!!
I bought this instead of using face wash as my skin felt dry and thought this would work and clean by hydrating my skin much better.
Used this mostly every day for 3 months and found it help on redness and making sun damage(dark marks) less visible or kept it from damaging or activating if I was out in the sun.
Overall I don't bother with face washes as this has no drying effect for me. I got through a tube a month. I also just used it like a face wash with it sitting on my face for around a minute or 2 and seen improved effects so it's a good product for me
Smells lovely, not overpowering, very moisturising as well as a being mud pack - really relaxing and face doesn't crack up so much with an all mud pack, it's gentler and leaves skin so smooth. Great price too. Look forward to using this, the scent is very calming.
Makes your skin feel so nice after use is yet again another Brilliant Balance Product. I used to use another make that was five times the price of the Balance products without any of the Balance results. Save the pennies and the Skin will look after itself !!

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